Frequently Asked Questions

Pin Club

How do I sign up for the pin club?

  • You can sign up for the pin club on Patreon! Just select the tier with the pins you want that month. Note you won't be charged until the 1st of the next month (you get that month's pins, so for example, if you sign up on May 20th, you will not be charged until June 1st, and you will get the pins for June. All pins are shown a month before when you will be charged for them so you know what you are getting when you sign up!) 

Can I change my tier month-to-month?

  • Yes you can!

Who are the Patreon characters?

  • Each month has originally designed characters by us, and also characters of our commissioners.
  • When you want to commission a pin, on our submission form there is an option to be Patreon character eligible, if you are eligible you have the option of being a future month's featured character. Every character of the month has a variant created of their pin, so it is still unique in some way!
  • With being chosen as character of the month, you will recieve some monetary compensation. We can either send you the amount or give you a store code that is worth the amount made. 
  • We choose Patreon characters, sometimes there will be voting within the community telegram groupchat to help decide if we need it.

Do I get compensated for being a Patreon character?

  • There is a small amount of compensation offered to those who have their characters chosen. This will be discussed if you are chosen.
  • You may also buy out whatever leftovers there are of your character's variant pin once patreon has been sent out. Doing so will also be discussed if you are chosen.

If I'm chosen for Patreon character, does it have to be a variant?

  • Not at all. We prefer variants because we really want to avoid lowering the value of the pins of your character that you own, but if you are sure you want the regular coloration that is completely acceptable. 

How do I get old Patreon pins?

  • Extras will go up in the shop! They will be limited in quantity and won't be reordered, so if you missed out pledging grab them while you can!

When do Patreon packages go out?

  • We always aim to send them out in the 4th week of the month. Sometimes delays may happen if manufacturing has any unexpected delays. We will do our best to keep you updated of any delays through Patreon and our Telegram channel.

What is a Sponsor Pin?

  • There are many furry companies nowadays ranging from pin maker to fursuit makers to artists who want to advertise their work and what they do in the community!
  • When becoming a sponsor you are able to advertise your commissions, shops, and more to our patreon and general chat members for a month! By sponsoring, you'll be sending a free extra pin to all our patrons in their monthly rewards package, along with business cards and possible extras included by the sponsor.
  • Sponsors will also be featured on our patreon and official twitter account during the month that they are sponsoring.

How do I commission a sponsor pin?

  • To request a sponsor slot, please contact [email protected] with the month you'd like to sponsor and any details or questions! You may also directly message out manager, Shayde, over on telegram at @shaydestuck (please only message this account for business purposes or questions).
  • Price for sponsor pins start at $650. This price includes a 1.5" pin with no extras like glow, glitter, screenprint, etc. If you would like add-ons to the pin, the price is subject to increase. 
  • You MUST pay a $200 downpayment once you request a sponsor slot. After this, the rest of the payment should be paid 4 MONTHS AT THE LATEST before your sponsorship month. For example, if the month you are sponsoring is June, you need to have your sponsorship paid off by February. We do ask that you pay off your sponsorship as soon as possible, our 4 months option should be seen as a last resort. 
  • Sponsor refund policy: If you decide to not want to sponsor a month anymore and would like a refund, please note that we do keep the downpayment, since sponsor slots are pins that need to be done with other patreon pins for the month, and backing out of your slot means that we will need to rush to fill your slot. You are eligible for a refund for any other amount you have paid for your sponsorship after the downpayment.
  • With sponsorship, you will recieve 50 pins that you are able to sell/give away yourself. You will also recieve any extra stock that is leftover after we send out patreon packages, for no extra charge.
  • We only accept SFW (SAFE FOR WORK) businesses for sponsorships. We do not accept any advertising of 18+/nsfw material through our patreon.
  • Sponsor pins go to every tier on our patreon that recieves pins. Please not that Paradox Pins has the right to deny anyone a sponsorship slot, we only have one slot per month, and will not do the same sponsorship for multiple months in the year.

What advertising can I include in my Sponsorship?

  • You are more than welcome and encouraged to design and submit to us a business card design to send out with patreon packages. You may also include extras like charms, stickers, or other merchandise. But you will have to supply this yourself.
  • You are more than welcome to add almost anything that you sell, subject to approval by Paradox Pins. Things like charms, stickers, or small prints are welcome by default while other items like soap, jewelry, figures, etc. may be subject to approval. You are also welcome to include coupon codes if you have a shop or take commissions.
  • If you would like to supply any extras you MUST send them to us the month before your patreon month gets sent out (for example, if you sponsor in May you must send us your extras so we recieve them in April).
  • You are also able to decide if extras you include will be sent out to all tiers or just our blooming tier, we can discuss once contacted.

Sponsor Advertisements

  • Sponsors are subjected to their own special set of advertising rules in our telegram chat: whereas general commissioners anc chat members are only allowed to advertise PxP and PxP related things such as trade requests, art for pins, etc. Sponsors are not limited to just PxP-based advertisements.
  • Sponsors are allowed ONE AD PER DAY for their sponsored month. Ads can be links to art commissions, fursuit commissions, pin commissions, and the like! Advertisements can also just be a link to storefronts or social media to bolster your following. As long as it is STRICTLY SFW, it is allowed!
  • Sponsors will also be allowed ONE AD PER WEEK outside of their sponsor months where they can advertise their business!
  • We do request that it be made visible in the advertisement post that it is a sponsor ad during the month of your sponsor and past sponsor ad for any months following.


When do slots open?

  • Slots open on the first of each month unless noted! How many slots we choose each month varies depending on how much of a workload we want to take on and how many submitted characters/designs we like.
  • Slots are only open for 24 hours.

How do I find the commission queue?

  • Our queue is available on Trello.

What is the turnaround time for a commission?

  • We aim to have the art finished within 3-5 months of being accepted, and the manufacturing process can take 1-2 months. If you need your pins by a deadline, we suggest you plan on ordering 8 months in advance to guarantee that you have your pins on time. Please be aware we do not work with hard deadlines.

Are commission slots chosen on a first come first serve basis?

  • No, slots are hand chosen based on which characters we want to work with that month.

Do you offer just pin concepts / just the artwork?

  • Not currently. At the moment we are only offering full manufacturing slots.

Can I get just one pin?

  • Most manufacturers have a minimum quantity of 50. To make just one pin would be very expensive and is not an available option through our company.

What forms of payment do you accept?

  • We accept payment through Square. If you are accepted, we will send you an invoice. Square allows you to safely and easily use a credit or debit card for your transaction. We also can use Paypal for a payment option, but please note that there will be a fee if you decide to pay us through this platform.

Minor Policy

  • As of right now, PXP has no set in stone age restriction for pin applications. However, due to personal comfort levels working with minors, there are some stipulations that come with working with minors;
  • 1. We would heavily prefer minors be at least 17 but it is not required.
  • 2. Minors must apply with their own money, not that of a parent.
  • 3. Since minors cannot legally have a Paypal or stripe, we must be informed in advance if the payment is coming from the account of someone other than the buyer.
  • 4. We reserve the right to deny services based on whether or not we believe the transaction will be handled well. (This is INCREDIBLY rare. Denial will more likely simply be based on designs rather than individuals, just like with every other application)
  • The minor policy is primarily put in place as a protection for the company- it's far too common to see minors using their parents' funds, only for the parents to file a chargeback and we'd like to avoid this while also ensuring that we are communicating with the person who is paying and with someone who is responsible.
  • Minors are allowed to be in and engage with the chat with no issue. We promote a safe, welcoming environment for those of all ages so long as they are not breaking telegram terms of service.

Do I need to have pantones or a pose concept when submitting?

  • Nope! We pick most of the pantones ourselves!
  • Feel free to submit your character with a pose sketch, a written description, or no ideas at all if you want us to just work off the character’s personality and what pose we think would look good!

How do I know my character's colors exist in Pantones?

  • You can use Color Matcher or Pantone Color Picker.
  • Please be aware that the colors may not 100% match up with what you have in mind for your character. We own a Pantone book and send pictures of all the colors we are considering. Keep in mind that colors like ivory, light browns, and most off-white colors are very slim in Pantones, as well as bright neon colors.

Can I submit more than one character?

  • Absolutely! But only one character per person will be chosen during that selection period.

I didn’t get selected, why?

  • Hand selecting characters each month is incredibly difficult and means some characters won’t get in. Chances are you didn’t get chosen because there were some characters that month that we simply wanted to do a little more. But don’t give up! Feel free to submit next month!

Can I order variants?

  • Yes! Variants which use the same exact artwork (just different colors) can be ordered in quantities of 25 or more.

Can I reorder my Paradox pins from a manufacturer myself?

  • Absolutely not. Ordering more pins is something you must do through us.

When will I see pictures/updates from manufacturing?

  • Please note that we do not control what updates and pictures are sent to us. Our manufacturer sends work in progress updates/pictures at random and of random pins in the current batch they are working on. You cannot request to see specific pictures of your pins at manufacturing. We usually get at least one photo of each pin from the batch before they are sent to us though!

Do I need a slot for reordering or ordering a variant?

  • Nope! All you need to do is contact us and we can work out all the details together.

Can I reorder pins with slightly altered art?

  • You can, but you will have to pay full price as the pins will need a whole new mold for any changes.

Some of my commissioned pins are flawed, what do I do?

  • This is normal! Enamel pins are filled by hand and they are bound to have mistakes. We order extra pins for you to make up for the possible flaws, but it's always possible that you won't have 100% of your ordered number as flawless pins. If you ordered 50 pins, you may only have 45 A-grade pins.

How do I grade my pins?

  • Most people use an A-B-C grading scale. A-grade pins are flawless, B-grade pins have tiny flaws such as small flecks of discoloration, essentially flaws that are overlooked when you aren't looking closely. C-grade pins have noticeable flaws, such as big smudges, missing chunks of enamel, the wrong color filled, etc.

Can I use my pin art to make stickers or other items?

  • As long as they are not-for-profit! Feel free to make the art into charms or stickers, but these items MUST be given out for free. You cannot sell them.

Can I commission other artwork (not pin related) from you?

  • Right now we are focusing on pins exclusively. If you would like to be updated about other commission types opening, consider joining the Telegram chat or following our Instagram.

How much should I sell my pins for?

  • This is something up to you, but most customers sell their pins for $10-$15 each. If your pins have expensive add ons, by all means you are welcome to sell for more than that as well.

Who can I contact about something regarding my order?

  • Feel free to submit our contact form, email us directly at [email protected], or contact our manager Shayde, @shaydestuck on Telegram (please contact this account for business purposes only).

Pin Options


  • Color Count: This is every area of the color that the pin has (ignoring the metal plating). This includes white.
  • Glitter & Glow: These are extras on-top of the colors. Make sure you choose the total color count first, and then select how many of those colors you want to have glitter or glow (a variety of colors of these are available).
  • Screenprinting: Screenprinting are colors printed on-top of the pins (don't have to be contained by the metal edges of color).

Metal Plating

  • The base of enamel pins (back and the lines of the art) is metal. These can have different platings. The most common are black, gold, and rose gold. You can also get any Pantone color as dyed plating or rainbow plating for an additional cost!

Dangles & Mini Pins

  • These are 0.5" enamel pins, so details are limited. The dangles will not have a pinback but will be attached to your main pin by a jump ring.

Backing Cards & Pin Backs

  • You are more than welcome to order your own backing cards if you want them! But if you want the pins to be packaged for you, you can have our manufacuter print the cards. These can either be (1) your own design, or (2) our standard Paradox Pins backing card design.
  • We also offer a variety of rubber pin backs at no extra cost. These come in different shapes and colors, other than the usual round black.

Backgrounds & Props

  • Large areas of backgrounds cost extra. Props however, do not.

Complex Character

  • If a character has a lot of colors, complicated markings, etc. we have a complexity charge. At the moment, none of the characters you see in your our gallery were considered complex.


  • If you already have a pin made through us, you can reorder more pins! Note that if you are adding glitter or glow (not in the original pins you had made) or changing size, the price would be the same as a new pin as the mold needs to be remade. Contact us to place a reorder.
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