Commission Quote

Note that this is only a quote and your final price for the pin may be different after you submit. Depending on the character and options, we may determine that your pin requires an extra charge. If you are curious about additional options for your pin, please contact us directly for a quote.

Pin Options


  • Color Count: This is every area of the color that the pin has (ignoring the metal plating). This includes white.
  • Glitter & Glow: These are extras on-top of the colors. Make sure you choose the total color count first, and then select how many of those colors you want to have glitter or glow (a variety of colors of these are available).
  • Screenprinting: Screenprinting are colors printed on-top of the pins (don't have to be contained by the metal edges of color).

Metal Plating

  • The base of enamel pins (back and the lines of the art) is metal. These can have different platings. The most common are black, gold, and rose gold. You can also get any Pantone color as dyed plating or rainbow plating for an additional cost!

Dangles & Mini Pins

  • These are 0.5" enamel pins, so details are limited. The dangles will not have a pinback but will be attached to your main pin by a jump ring.

Backing Cards & Pin Backs

  • You are more than welcome to order your own backing cards if you want them! But if you want the pins to be packaged for you, you can have our manufacuter print the cards. These can either be (1) your own design, or (2) our standard Paradox Pins backing card design.
  • We also offer a variety of rubber pin backs at no extra cost. These come in different shapes and colors, other than the usual round black.

Backgrounds & Props

  • Large areas of backgrounds cost extra. Props however, do not.

Complex Character

  • If a character has a lot of colors, complicated markings, etc. we have a complexity charge. At the moment, none of the characters you see in your our gallery were considered complex.


  • If you already have a pin made through us, you can reorder more pins! Note that if you are adding glitter or glow (not in the original pins you had made) or changing size, the price would be the same as a new pin as the mold needs to be remade. Contact us to place a reorder.

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